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Electrical Insulation Rubber Mats

Electrical Insulation Rubber Mats is highly recommended for total safety of workmen from electrical shock when working in or around environment like High Voltage Panels, Sub-station, Power Transformer Rooms, LT & HT Labs, near Bus bars, near Control Panels etc. Safety from electrical shock is required for workmen whether they are involved in Electricity Generation, Transmission, Distribution or its use. There are distinct features that set this High Voltage Insulating Mats apart from the REST whether they are Traditional Rubber mats or any other kind of synthetic mats.

Typical Features :
Embossing : Anti-Skid without metallic derivative.

Recommended thickness & Voltage

Class/User Voltage’s Recommended Thickness (mm)
A/ 0 to 3.3 Kv 2.0
B/ 3.3 to 11 Kv 2.5
C/ 11 to 33 Kv 3.0

Standard width is 1 meter. Can be pasted at the front and rear side of the control panels and other electrical installations.