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Boron Rubber India - Polytherent Sheet ManufacturerBoron Rubbers India is founded in 2001 for the purpose of development / sales of Radiation Shielding Materials like borated rubber UHMWPE, Neutron Gamma, etc. Also deal in Rubber matting, Natural & Synthetic Rubber, Magnetic Fluid, Rubber Sheets The idea to establish this company was mooted during the work carried out under a Research and Development Project sponsored by the Bombay Centre of Inter-University Consortium for Department of Atomic Energy Facilities (IUC-DAEF) R-5 Shed, Bhaba Atomic Research Centre (BARC),Bombay. A Beam Line on the nuclear reactor Dhruv is dedicated for R & D Projects to be carried out under IUC-DAEF Projects. Several projects to develop instruments and necessary components are assigned to different well known research groups of the country. One such project was to develop neutron shielding material for the neutron beam guide and other instruments. This success has prompted us to establish a new company which can meet the requirements of national and International demand for nuclear radiation shielding. Such shields characterize by their absorption co-efficient, size, thickness, shape, elasticity, Self Life etc. will be useful and essential for any nuclear instruments. Assembly or for a person exposed to nuclear radiations gloves and approves of this rubber will be useful for handling nuclear chemicals as well as for the nuclear plant operations.

Boronated rubber and other are shielding rubber & polyethylene composite (e.g.. Lead -rubber & plastics composite) are produced in the company's well equipped plant and laboratories augmented by access to the university's research facilities.

The strong research and development base, which is unusual in such a small company, enables a fast response in the development of new shielding materials and products required to meet ever changing technological demands.

Boron Rubbers India can offer a vide range rubber composites in which the boron particles as one of a variety of other such shielding material (e.g.. Lead). The size, hardness and absorption coefficient for radiation and other properties can be tailored to meet the customer's requirement.

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