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NR-SBR Rubber Sheet

NR-SBR Rubber Sheet

NR-SBR Blend Rubber Sheets / rolls are used in the commercial and industrial applications. This specifically designed rubber material is long-lasting that is suitable for operational use which provides excellent mechanical properties like high resilience, low compression set, high resistance to cut, tear & abrasion & also offers resistance to many acids, alkalis & salts. The operation temperature range is (-20°C to +80°C). It is available in wide range of hardness from 40 Shore A to 80 Shore A. It has very good physical properties like Tensile strength, wear & tear properties, Abrasion resistance.

Application :
NR/SBR Rubber sheets / rolls are used for wide range of applications like skirt board, bridge bearing, gasket for high pressure packing, heavy weight machinery packing, Para-quality for sand/shot blasting machinery & use as shock absorber. NR/SBR Rubber sheets/rolls can be used as shelf liner; workstation table liner and work area rubber lining that can withstand moderate chemicals & alkaline solutions. These sheets can also be used for anti abrasion lining for material handling machinery in mines alike industries.

Property : Excellent resistance to inorganic chemicals, water, air & heat up to 80°C. Poor resistance to Ozone, UV, Sunlight, oil & solvents & organic chemicals.

Recommendations Regarding Storage of the Products :
  • Do not expose rubber sheet to direct sunlight, sheets away from heat source, preferably in dark, air ventilated room will help give longer life & optimum properties.
  • Do not remove polythene packing before use to prevent it from exposure of atmospheric oxygen, ozone & polluted air. Do not store rubber sheet rolls in open, even after covering it with tarpaulin to protect from air & rain. Always keep rolls in vertical position ONLY.
  • Keep rolls away from solvent, oil & fuel storage. Do not use hooks while loading/unloading the rolls. Inspect sheet for smooth surface & hardness (with rubber hardness tester).



Density (g/cc)

Hardness (SH – A)

Tensile (Kg/cm2)

Elongation (%)

BNS - 1240 1.20 40 80 600
BNS – 1345 1.30 45 90 500
BNS – 1450 1.40 50 70 450
BNS – 1565 1.50 65 60 400
BNS – 1670 1.60 70 50 300


Product Dimensions

Rotocure Finish

Size (Mtrs)

Thickness (MM)
1.2 X 10,20,30 3 TO 12
Finish Smooth/Texture impression


Plate Finish
Size (mtr) Thickness(MM)
1.2 X 2.4 3 TO 25
1.0 X 2.0 3 TO 25


Manufacturing Tolerances
Thickness Width Length Hardness Density
+/- 0.3mm or 10% whichever is higher +/- 2% +/- 5% +/- 5 +/- 0.05