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Neoprene Rubber Sheet

Neoprene rubber is a chloroprene rubber, which has excellent mechanical property & good abrasion resistance. It gives good resistance to oil & heat, ozone, sunlight & weather and also gives good adhesion to metal surface. Neoprene rubber sheets / rolls are available for a range of applications in the industries. Many grades of neoprene are available depending on the application. These rolls will handle most tough industrial environments and moderate to heavy alkaline and chemical resistive situations. It is manufactured in pure neoprene rolls, commercial, Medium strength, High Strength, Cloth Inserted, Antistatic, Fire Retardant, and Textured & in Strips. The temperature ranges from (-30°C to +100°C) in operation condition.

Applications : Neoprene rubber sheets / rolls are mainly used in sealing applications in construction sites & sound studios, general & industrial applications like sealing, gasket & packing to avoid leakages of oil, heat, steam, water, air, acid & alkali. It is also used in marine applications. It has flame retardant properties & good resistance to inorganic chemical products.

Recommendations Regarding Storage After Receipt :
  • Store according to DIN 7716 standards.
  • Products must be stored in cool, dry places with temperature ranging between 10°C to 30°C, sheltered from the sun & free from ozone for better shelf life.
  • Avoid contact with hydrocarbons, solvents, acids & alkalies.
  • To maintain the sheet/roll in optimum condition they should be stored in cool and dark place. If there is any doubt about the condition of sheet/roll, they should be retested before putting into service.
  • Products should be issued in the order of their date of manufacture.


100% Neoprene Rubber Sheet : Black
Grades Density (g/cc) Hardness (SH – A) Tensile (Kg/cm2) Eb (%)
BNP-1445 1.4 45 60 350
BNP-1555 1.5 55 70 300
BNP-1665 1.6 65 70 250

Commercial Grade Neoprene Rubber Sheet

Description : Commercial Grade Neoprene rubber blended with natural rubber is a general-purpose sheet for most commercial applications. This grade of rubber is used as a barrier or gasket material and can also be used inside rooms for sandblasting and impact resistance for industrial needs. Commercial Grade Neoprene rubber sheet / roll are moderately resistance to oil, sunlight, ozone and oxidation material providing abrasion resistance, repeated flexing applications, wide temperature range (excellent cold temperature flexibility) and has a physical toughness.


Applications : Wear resistant pads, vibration pads, isolation mounts, buffers, diaphragms, industrial matting, water retaining structures and in industrial applications such as gaskets, corrosion-resistant coatings.



Neoprene (%)

Density (g/cc)

Hardness (SH – A)

Tensile (Kg/cm2)

Eb (%)
BNPNR – 15 15 1.65 65 20 150
BNPNR – 30 30 1.60 65 30 200
BNPNR – 50 50 1.55 65 40 200
BNPNR – 70 70 1.50 65 50 250


Properties : General purpose sheets / rolls resist moderate oil & heat resistance, fungus resistance, flame retardancy, acid & alkali resistance, sunlight aging & heat resistance up to 100°C. Best quality for sealing gasket, packing, mounting pad, machinery packing, manhole packing, as a mechanical applications without confect any fuel & also useful in marine parts due to good ozone resistance.

Product Dimensions

Rotocure Finish
Size (mtrs) Thickness (MM)
1.2 X 10,20,30 3 TO 12
Finish Smooth/Texture impression


Plate Finish
Size (mtrs) Thickness (mm)
1.2 X 2.4 3 TO 25
1.0 X 2.0 3 TO 25


Manufacturing Tolerance
Thickness Width Length Hardness Density
+/- 0.3mm or 10% whichever is higher +/- 2% +/- 5% +/- 5 +/- 0.05